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Less is REALLY more..

I know we have all been there, wake up some mornings, and not sure what to wear or we spend too much time staring in our closet waiting on something to jump out. Trust me, I have been there too, getting dressed hasn't always been easy. But when it comes to style and looking well put together, less is more, really! Think about that one statement piece or focal point. Maybe it's a pop of color or a print.  When you have all your right basics (Download My Essential Wardrobe Checklist) From there, just add a pop of color in your accessories, whether that's a crossbody, shoes, or jewelry. It's an easy way to turn a boring outfit to an interesting look. My favorite look is high waisted jeans and a t-shirt with banging shoes, like a pop of color or print. Let’s say you have a bright shirt or printed blouse you wouldn’t want to pair that with a different print or a different accent color shoe. That’s too much, you would do a simple nude or black shoe. (you can pull off mixing prints, but we'll get there later)

You can always add a pop of color in your make - up, a good red lip always turns up the day or even an eyelid can make a statement.

What do you think?

 .. check out these pics.