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say YES to style..

When you "accept" who you are, in the body that you have, without judgment, you are saying yes to yourself and everything you deserve. The "yes" is essential to style. If you deny the reality of your body or your life, you’ll never be able to dress any of it well- even the parts you love. Trust me I have been there, hating my midsection, thinking my boobs were “too big” It wasn't until I embraced it, and loved my body as a whole was when I was able to dress it correctly, and build confidence. The only way to deal with your style problem is to confront and attack it head-on. “Yes” is acceptance “and” is the strategy to emphasize what you love about yourself and de-emphasize what you don’t. Something called “camouflage”. Part of the “and” is using style as a tool to help create the image you want to put out in the world that tells others how you want to be treated. Ultimately, it will help foster self-esteem you didn't know you could have. 

Style doesn't start with the body it starts with your brain. The way we think of ourselves, affects how we get dressed every day. We all have put obstacles in our own path towards personal style, including myself. “Only if I was slimmer, clothes would look better on me” that’s not true, maybe you have to go up a few sizes to fit your tights and maybe tailor it to fit better in other places. But great style comes in all shapes and sizes. Style can change your look, certainly, but it can also change your life.

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