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All you need are the basics.


Thank you again for joining me on this journey to having great style, my goal is to teach you every tip I know about style and to get to looking your best, every day in every way. To be honest, the major key to have great style, 

Wait for it...HAVING THE BASICS!

That's the secret.. seriously!

You can have a bomb wardrobe with just the basics, I call them the Essentials, when you have the basics, the possibilities are endless. Those pieces still need to speak to your style personality and fit you according to your body type. And these pieces need to be of a nicer quality because you will be wearing them much more. You don't want to keep buying the same button-down white shirt because every time you wash it, it's dingy and bent out of shape. It's a waste of time and money. Once you have all your quality Essentials, all you have to do is add some personality pieces or accessories to finish your signature look

Go ahead and download my Essential checklist and be on your way to having a bomb wardrobe.

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