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Ladies, it’s time you show up like you own the damn place.

Learn how to do just that with my simple, yet highly effective, 5-step style method!

The Ultimate Style Guide is finally here!

What is it?

A step-by-step resource for professional women looking to take the confusion out of fashion and create a signature style that turns heads!

 Let’s get real. If you’re tired of…

  • longing for a clear and easy-to-follow blueprint to help you develop a better sense of style 

  • struggling to create new outfits with the same unflattering and outdated pieces 


  • neglecting your bangin’ body type simply because you can’t determine which pieces look best on you

Wherever you fall, I’m just glad you landed here. My guide will give you the tools to put your style on a completely different level for less than a girls’ night out!


Now, take a moment and imagine how BOMB it would be to:

  • Have a well-put-together outfit for every occasion
  • Get dressed from head to toe in 5 minutes or less
  • Exude hella confidence in the workplace and own every room you enter
  • Continue climbing the corporate ladder and look amazing while doing it!

Everything you need to make this vision a reality is available in The Ultimate Style Guide!

...but honestly, fashion is a legit part of my DNA; I’ve been in love with it for as long as I can remember. In fact, I used to cut up my baby brother’s onesies to create clothing for my dolls when I was a little girl. While it didn’t go over too well with my mom (lol), it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of clothing. I knew fashion had to be a part of my life long-term.


It was an obvious choice for me to study fashion when I headed to college. And even after I graduated, I set off to work in the corporate world as a buyer for big-time fashion companies. Needless to say, after hundreds of job applications and several interviews, I never received a job offer.


That was when I decided to take my career into my own hands. So, I combined all of my talents and education and carved out a unique space for myself as a stylist. Remy Najee was officially born!

Hey, ladies! I’m Remy Najee, style coach and fashion connoisseur.

I teach professional women like you how to leverage the power of style to get what you want out of life.


Look, I can give you all my credentials...