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I teach service-based female bosses how to build a personal style that turns heads and boosts profits.

Your Personal Style Coach


It’s not enough to just show up anymore. The power lies in how you show up.

        You’ve convinced yourself that the way you look doesn’t matter, but the time wasted in your closet, and the impromptu shopping trips tell a different story. The truth is that your image matters more than you think, and a bad one prevents people from taking you and your brand seriously. 


           Even when you show up online for your business, your ideal clients are confused. Your profile says ‘CEO’ and ‘Boss,’ yet your presentation gives basic vibes. So, style does matter; you just haven’t mastered how to leverage it.


         Now, take a moment to think about what can happen if you present yourself as a woman of power and influence at work and in your business. Not only will you create a wardrobe that you LOVE, but you’ll also save time and attract A-list clients and opportunities through the power of your new brand image. 


Using The Rem Style Methodology, I will teach you how to:


  • Select pieces that accentuate your figure and complement your skin tone.

  • Make the most of your brand photoshoot by showing up picture-ready. 

  • Rework your closet to make the most of your existing pieces and eliminate those that no longer serve you.

  • Create a signature style that pushes your brand to the forefront.

Get the complete 5-step style method breakdown with

The Ultimate Style Guide!


I’m Rémy Najee,
your favorite
Personal Style Coach! 

      Ladies, it breaks my heart to hear that some of you take 2+ hours to get dressed and even longer to shop! And sadly, you walk away with pieces that don’t make you look or feel good. That’s an immediate blow to your confidence and a complete waste of your time and energy, sis. One of the main reasons I became a Style + Brand Coach was because I wanted to teach BADASS bosses like you how to get dressed with ease and leverage style to create more personal and business growth opportunities.

      Here’s the thing - personal style is way more than the clothes you wear. It comes down to the image you want to present to the world. The clothes merely enhance your personality and support your lifestyle. When we work together, I will not only address your wardrobe, but I’ll help you gain clarity on your personal identity. So, the question of what to wear will never haunt you again.








Maximize your branding shoot with the right looks AND the right plan.


Level up your style through all of life’s changes.

Create a style all your own that presents you as the boss you are.

Well Organized Closet

Dr. Hardy

Remy has been such a joy to work with! She is very fun and kind and really helped to put me at ease both before and during the photoshoot. I am excited to see our finished product and would love to work with her again!!


Dr. Combest

As a business owner & stylist, you are very organized, fashionable, and polite. I enjoyed working with you and I can tell you enjoy what you do!


J. Titus

The entire experience was remarkable, she understood my style completely & nailed each look right on the head. She’s very prompt and timely and always there with any questions or concerns you have I look forward to working with her in the future I highly recommend her she’s personable and very professional! Thank you Remy Najee for not only styling me but bringing my confidence back with my style!

Could you use a FREE Signature Wardrobe Checklist to save you time and money on those shopping trips?

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